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The Challenge of SWAG

Everyone struggles to find that perfect SWAG (stuff we all get) item to give away at events.

Last fall, we were given a challenge from one of our clients- to find some gift options for their upcoming technology event. They wanted the focus to be on unique items, San Francisco-centric gifts if possible, and swag items that were wearable or fashion related. There were 2 types of attendees at this event which took place in San Francisco; judges and participants. With help from our many vendor partners, we came up with these winning ideas:

For Judges:

  • California designer passport cover
  • Bottle of wine from a local California vineyard
  • Ghirardelli chocolate that supports local San Francisco non-profit
  • High quality mini speaker


For Participants:

  • Proof brand sunglasses made from sustainably sourced wood
  • Online subscription to tech magazine
  • Leather luggage tag
  • Vintage San Francisco post card set
  • Ghirardelli’s chocolate Golden Gate Bridge
  • Dowdle painting puzzle of San Francisco
  • Recycled felt laptop bag


Do you have any items that you would add to our list? Comment below!