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Milligan Events, ECPAT-USA Partner to Fight Against Human Trafficking

Milligan Events owner, Janell McGill, signs The Code.

Last week, we took the next step in actively pledging to fight against human trafficking by signing The Code this week with ECPAT-USA at an industry-related seminar hosted by Meeting Professionals International’s (MPI) Washington State Chapter in Bellevue, WA.

ECPAT-USA is a member of the internationally recognized ECPAT (End Child Prostitution, Child Pornography and Trafficking of Children for Sexual Purposes) organization who developed the tourism child-protection code of conduct as set of business principles adopted by travel and tourism related companies to specifically combat child sex trafficking. This action is just one example of Milligan Events’ ongoing commitment to social responsibility.

Nearly 21 million people around the world are victims of modern day slavery. In the U.S. alone, at least 100,000 of those victims are American children. In the past, human trafficking took place primarily on the streets, but today, those operations have expanded with the use of technology and the internet.  Traffickers move across cities and countries using air and ground transportation companies, targeting events, hotels and other venues as places to abuse and sell their victims, without the knowledge of the companies hosting events or the respective hotels and venues. As more companies sign The Code, awareness is on the rise and local law enforcement agencies have learned the necessity of protecting these children, the real victims.

“Businesses can play an important role in this vital call to action by including a strong policy against sex trafficking of children in their employee code of conduct,” said Janell McGill, owner of Milligan Events.  “Statistics show many buyers initiate their transactions on company time and equipment or at company sponsored events, which creates legal risks as well as risks to reputation.  Discussing this growing problem and establishing more vigilant practices to detect it are paramount.” 

McGill further added, “As compassionate global citizens and a concerned partner in a targeted industry, we are committed to doing everything in our power to stop child sex trafficking.  It is closer to home than many realize and is a pandemic that needs to be eradicated.”

Photo of signing by Alabastro Photography (left to right: Michelle Guelbart, Janell McGill)

Pets in the Workplace

This past Saturday was National Pet Day! Milligan is proud to be a pet-friendly workplace, but it’s not just great for employees.

If you’ve checked out our giving page, you’ll know that we support the Idaho Humane Society and think of our pets as family members, which is why Milligan is a pet-friendly work place. Don’t worry- you won’t be attacked by a herd of dogs upon arrival at our office. Most days, it’s just June who shows up to work, but every once in a while we’ll get a visit from Archer, Aspen, Abby, Emily or Tucker! Not only is it fun for the employee to have a pet in the workplace, but it can also be beneficial for the employer. Being able to bring your pet to work with you can help reduce stress levels, increase schedule flexibility, and bring employees closer.

Everyone deals with stress at work. Whether it’s getting a report to a client on time, or leading a conference call, there are certain tasks that trigger stress. Having a pet close by to connect with provides an instant release that helps ease the tension.  For many employees, flexibility is difficult because Fido shouldn’t be left alone at home for a long time. By being able to bring their pets to work, employees are able to have more flexibility. If they know their dog is fast asleep by their feet, there’s no worrying about what’s going on at home and rushing out as soon as the clock strikes 5:00. Pets also bring employees closer together by acting as an immediate conversation starter that helps employees get to know one another on a more personal level. These personal connections are long lasting and more in-depth than a LinkedIn connection will ever be.  

Talk to your employer today! By explaining how having a pet friendly workplace would be mutually beneficial, you may be able to bring your pet to work with you. Not only will you experience less stress, but you’ll also be more flexible and you’ll build personal relationships with other coworkers.

Jenny Murphy Joins Our Growing Team

We are pleased to announce the addition of Jenny Murphy, Event Manager, to our roster of event experts. Based in Columbus, Ohio, Murphy will work with clients nationwide to plan, manage and execute a broad range of events from road shows, product launches and trade shows, to high-profile conferences.

“Jenny's diverse event management expertise coupled with her professional demeanor are a win for Clients and Milligan alike," states Janell McGill, Principal of Milligan Events.  “We are thrilled to have Jenny join our team and with over 21 years’ experience in the high tech and financial services sector, her depth of expertise makes her an invaluable resource to any event.”

Before joining Milligan, Murphy’s background included a variety of roles in the industry. She’s been a facility representative at a large Convention Center, an in-house corporate planner, and an independent and agency planner, with experience ranging from lead project management to fulfilling various roles on large event teams for clients. Most recently, she served as an Event Lead on the execution of a 2,000 person conference which included managing and overseeing all aspects of the client program.

Creating Successful Events from Start to Finish

Milligan’s new service offerings deliver innovative and comprehensive event solutions.

A successful event requires exceptional attention to all of the details. As Milligan Events has grown, we’ve expanded our service offerings to provide a one-stop solution for our Clients—and bring proven expertise and fresh ideas to all aspects of the events we support.

The Milligan team brings together trusted, proven talent with deep experience in:

The result for our Clients?

Confidence in having chosen a trusted partner with the expertise to lead all areas of event production and deliver a memorable attendee experience. A team of passionate experts committed to fully realizing each event’s potential, while bringing fresh new ideas to the table. And, the budget expertise and trusted vendor partner relationships to bring fiscal accountability to every event we support, and cost savings to the bottom line.

Find out how Milligan can help you realize your event goals. Contact Janell McGill at 208.387.0770 or janell.mcgill@milliganevents.com 

New Year, New Brand for Milligan Events

Milligan Events reveals fresh new brand, and exciting new service offerings designed to provide clients with strategic, start-to-finish event solutions.

Over the past five years, we’ve tackled new challenges, honed our expertise and expanded our service offerings—and we’re excited to unveil an all-new Milligan Events brand that truly represents Milligan today. 

The product of months of thoughtful discussion and development, our new brand reflects the evolution of Milligan Events and who we’ve become. It represents our depth of experience and comprehensive range of services, our corporate culture, as well as our goals and aspirations for the future.

Developing a new corporate identity is a journey that begins with the question “Who are we?” Seems fairly simple, right? But the answers can be surprising, and lead to revelations overdue. The result? Well, we’ll let our new brand speak for itself. Let us know what you think! We look forward to your feedback.