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Viva Europa!

Meetings & Conventions Magazine recently published a supplement called Global Planner 2015 and predicted that “Europe will remain at the top spot for international meetings in 2016”. This got us thinking about our international events and why we plan events in the cities that we do. Here’s just a peek at some of our favorite European cities and venues:

London, England: the London Eye By renting a private capsule, up to 25 people can enjoy the breathtaking city views from above. With so many different dining packages, this is a go-to for VIP events and executive board meetings.

Dublin, Ireland: The Guinness Storehouse This legendary brewery has been the home of Guinness since 1795. From learning to pour “the perfect pint” to eating in a true Irish pub, guests can enjoy all seven stories of the Guinness Storehouse.

Prague, Czech Republic: Obecni Dum Prague is rich in history, and this venue is no different. The Obecni Dum is centered in Prague and is multifunctional for almost every group. Offering a variety of halls and lounges, Obecni Dum is by far one of our favorite venues.

Madrid, Spain: Castillo de Vinuelas This seventeenth century castle is one of the most ornate and detailed venues we’ve experienced. The architecture of this building alone draws us (and our clients) in event after event. Every hall and garden has a unique feel that is sure to captivate guests.